About Us


Raised in Wilkes County, North Carolina, by a wonderful Godly mother, I made a profession as a young boy but there was no change in my life. I got married just after high school to my sweetheart Opal Owings (my first and only wife) in July 1971. Few years later we both got saved at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in September of 1975 this time everything changed. Few years later on April 15, 1979 I surrendered to the call to preach the Gospel. The Lord burdened our hearts to pastor our first church. Over the next twenty one and half years, I have been the pastor of four different churches. We saw souls saved, churches grow in number, and saints grow spiritually. My wife personally won many women and children to the Lord. She has a great gift for working with children.

We have preached missions, supported missionaries, and took own missionaries at each church. When we heard about faith promise it opened our eyes and hearts to the very heart beat of God. We got a burden for America after a trip in 1996 to the west. Many towns with no Gospel Witnesses have bars, saloons, no preachers, no Bible believing churches, souls dieing with out a
Saviour. Where there are missionaries they need help.


Sending Church:

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Pastor Joey Campbell

Address: 2794 Mt. Sinai Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Board of Directors:

Bro. Larry Adams– President

Opal Adams – Sec. / Treasurer

Bro. Joey Campbell

Bro. Flake Johnson

Bro. Tony Pierce

Bro. Keith Hutchinson


1. To see all of America reached by the True Gospel.

2. To raise awareness in Local Bible Believing Churches about the need for missionaries in America.

3. To get in as many churches as possible to present Gods way of supporting missions which is

4. To preach revival meetings and mission revivals every where a door of opportunity is opened.

5. To help raise funds for church buildings, Bibles, song books, pews, pianos, vans, buses, food, clothing for children in some of the poverty stricken areas of America.

6. Help the missionaries that are on the field with needed support.

7. To take preachers to areas where there is no Gospel witness and let them see for themselves and pray that God would speak to their heart, that they would go and establish Bible Believing Churches.

8. To help missionaries get to the field that has a call of God to go and preach the Gospel and plant Churches.

9. To help our missionaries when they need a break or have to leave for emergencies. I would be glad to fill in for them.

10. To follow the Lord whenever and whatever, wherever his work goes.